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About ES Escalator & Elevator Parts


ES Escalator & Elevator Parts is a professional supplier of the Escalator Spare Parts Since 2006, and we are spreading to elevator spare parts supply from 2018.
We sell high quality parts made from OEM specs, Escalator spare parts including Escalator Step, Escalator Step Chain, Comb plates, Demarcations, Newel Rollers, Wheels, Handrail components, Balustrade components, Electrical components etc.Elevator spare parts including Button, PC board, Door vane, Hall call, Safety light curtain, Inverter, Traction machine etc.
We are cooperating with CNIM / THYSSENKRUPP / OTIS / KONE / SCHINDLER / O&K / Hyundai / LG&SIGMA / SJEC / Mitsubishi / Hitachi / BLT / CANNY/ KOYO / Fujitec / XIZI OTIS branches’ maintenance department and LOCAL escalator & elevator Maintenance Company in many countries or areas. Also, we are the spare parts direct supplier of the Metro system in many countries.
Our dedication to providing cost effective, sustainable solutions on time and to budget is the bench mark to our approach in providing the correct solution to all your escalator and elevator needs.
Whether you need to buy a product, clean it up, or repair it, contact us today. Please visit our website (www.es-escalatorpart.com) and find the part you need.
Our Parts:
Sourcing from OEM factory, Standard: EN115:2012, ASME 17.1.
Our key members have over 14 years’ work experience in the escalator and elevator components’ factory. We have a global view & knowledge of the Escalator and Elevator Maintenance and Service Business.

* Our Advantage: 
Original Parts
Competitive Cost
Professional Sourcing Team.

*Obvious advantages!
Besides this wide range of spare parts, our specialized product is the escalator Step & moving walk and Step Chain, which one of our shareholders has previously worked for a manufacturer as the Senior Engineer for many years, we has obvious advantages of these products supply. Also in terms of technicality and specification of these products, we have the appropriate expertise.
*Component Modernization (Rebuild) Capability-- (Step/ Pallet)
*  Your escalators are running for over 20 years, 30 years or more; 
          *  Their step, pallet and other parts are stopped production for many years.
                *  The escalator brand doesn’t exist now?
          *  Original Supplier shut down already ? 
                *  Difficulties to find out original parts? 
          *  Or the parts cost you a lot of and affect your big tender’s success rate?
          *  We have Solution for you. 
                *  We already solve this problem.
                *  We are able to rebuild the mold for the steps and pallets for your MOD needs.           
                *  Our MOD engineers who have experience in step and pallet 
               development and manufacture it  for more than 14 years.  
          What we need is only one sample.          
              *  Sample full dimension measurement- 3D coordinate;     
              *  Structure modernization- Ansys
              *  Build up 3D model and flow analyze – Ansys
              *  Mold manufacture.
              *  First trail shot, dimension analyze, mold fine-tune.
              *  Second trail shot,  Mechanical property test.
             (Dynamic test, Statics test, X-ray inspection)
              *  Sample be deliver to test center for the certification approval.
              *  Deliver sample to customer. 
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